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Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas, TX

An injury can change the rest of your life in an instant. If you’ve been hurt because of a car accident, workplace injury, or product defect, you may be entitled to monetary restitution. Please call the Law Offices of Blake Bailey today to schedule a free consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer near Dallas, TX.

Blake has fought for clients dealing with personal injury claims like yours for over 40 years. Having argued before a jury almost 150 of some of the most complex cases in Texas, Blake is the attorney you need by your side when facing an insurance company.

Personal Injury Cases We’ve Won

Blake has won some of the most substantial settlements in Texas on behalf of his clients. No personal injury claim is beyond his abilities or experience. Here are a few of the many types of personal injury claims he will argue on behalf of his clients:

Why Do I Need An Injury Lawyer?

One of the most common questions we hear from clients during the initial consultation is about whether they really need a personal injury lawyer for their claim. These clients have often been seriously injured because of an 18-wheeler accident, product malfunction, or work injury and their case seems straightforward. Sometimes, an insurance company has already reached out to them, offering what sounds like a generous settlement.

If this describes your circumstance, please call Blake before moving forward with your case. He will listen to the unique details of your injury and figure out the most effective way to win the highest settlement possible. His goal is to give you the information you need to make the best decision moving forward.

Your Dallas Personal Injury Attorney will also help you find the best possible medical care, access the resources needed to help you in your recovery process, and handle all interactions with insurance companies, other lawyers, and anyone else involved in your case.

Is A Personal Injury Lawyer Expensive?

At the Bailey Law Firm, our legal fee is contingent upon whether you win your case and are awarded a settlement. In other words, we get paid when you do. If you don’t win, you owe us nothing. Our firm will absorb the entire cost for any lost case.

How is the Settlement Amount Determined?

A significant part of the process of determining the settlement amount is gathering as many receipts, invoices, and paperwork you can to show the monetary damages the injury has cost you. These include hospital bills, invoices for repairing damaged property (i.e., vehicle, equipment, etc.), and work check stubs to calculate past and future loss of income if the injury has kept you out of work.

However, monetary losses are not the only damages personal injury victims can claim. Physical aches and pains, emotional distress, and trauma are examples of non-monetary damages that can and should be claimed in such cases.

If a Dallas insurance company has contacted you to offer you a settlement, chances are they probably have not considered any of these costs. That’s why it’s critical to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer who will fight for you.

Why Choose Blake Bailey?

If you’ve suffered from a severe bodily injury in or near Dallas, TX, please contact the Bailey Law Firm to speak with an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer today. We are here to help you get your life back and get the restitution you deserve.

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