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Personal Injury Lawyer Longview, TX

Blake Bailey is an expert Personal Injury Lawyer serving Longview, TX and the surrounding areas.

It only takes a moment for the rest of your life to be altered by a severe personal injury. These situations are traumatic and very emotional. When they happen because of the actions or negligence of another person, the stress is intensified. Car accidents, workplace injuries, and product malfunctions are just a few of the ways these injuries can occur.

If you’ve been seriously hurt because of the negligence of another person, you need an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer near Longview, TX fighting for you. Call Blake Bailey today!

What Kind of Personal Injury Cases Will Blake Take?

Blake Bailey has over 40 years of experience arguing some of the most challenging and complex personal injury claims in Texas. Here are some of the many types of personal injury claims we litigate for our clients:

Do I Really Need a Longview Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury victims often do not seek legal representation because they believe their case is airtight, and an attorney is not necessary to help them win. Unfortunately, this almost always leads to victims receiving less compensation than they deserve and often less than they actually need to cover their medical expenses and other costs incurred because of the accident.

Insurance companies representing the people or organizations responsible for your injury are paid to give out as little in settlements as possible. So if you speak with an insurance company without hiring an attorney, you will almost certainly be offered a lower settlement amount than you deserve.

Please call Blake Bailey before moving forward with your case. He will examine the evidence and ensure you get paid the maximum settlement possible.

Can I Afford A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Blake Bailey litigates for a contingency fee. His legal fee comes out of the settlement awarded at the end of the case. If no compensation is granted, the Bailey Law Firm will absorb the entire cost of your case so that you owe nothing. That means you take no financial risk in pursuing your personal injury claim.

How is the Settlement Amount Determined?

Blake will ask you to gather all of the receipts, bills, and paperwork you have that reflect the hard costs associated with your injury. Damages that may be claimed in a personal injury case include medical bills, lost wages from missing work, and similar expenses.

Additionally, Blake will help assess non-economic costs that you should legally be compensated for, such as pain and suffering, trauma, emotional and psychological turmoil, and more.

Many of these costs are rarely considered by the insurance company when they offer you a settlement. That’s why hiring a skilled attorney is essential to ensure you are treated fairly and paid what you deserve.

What Makes Blake the Best Injury Attorney for Your Claim?

Blake has been defending personal injury clients for over 40 years and has tried nearly 150 cases before a jury. Having won some of the toughest cases in Texas, Blake will achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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