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Tyler, TX Wrongful Death Attorney


When a person dies by a catastrophic event, the pain and suffering of their surviving spouse and family seem unbearable. Nothing can replace their physical presence or fill the hole they left behind. Yet, you have the right to pursue justice for the loss of your loved one. Whether a car accident, medical malpractice, product liability, or negligence resulted in wrongful death, you deserve restitution. As a Tyler, TX Wrongful Death Attorney, Blake Bailey is on your side. He will build a compelling case for your claim.

Types of Wrongful Death Cases We Defend:

If you are the survivor of a family member who has suffered a tragic death, you have options. Your Wrongful Death Lawyer in East Texas can file one of two types of claims for you: survival claims or wrongful death claims.

Wrongful Death Claims

The surviving spouse or family members of a victim file a wrongful death claim. This claim allows them to receive compensation for their emotional and financial damages. The restitution amount depends on the loss the family suffers as a result of the death. Recoverable damages include:

Survival Claims

Survival claims are the claims of the deceased. These claims aim to gain restitution for the pain and suffering endured while alive. They may recover damages the victim underwent before their death, such as:

As an experienced Personal Injury Attorney, Blake Bailey will fight for you. He will do everything possible to win the restitution you deserve.

How Is Restitution For A Wrongful Death Case Decided?

In court, the jury will ask a series of questions to decide the survival damages owed to the family. They may ask questions like:

After that, the jury will assess the emotional and financial loss of the surviving family. This process helps put a monetary value on the invaluable loss of you and your loved ones.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Wrongful Death Lawyer in the Tyler, Texas Area?

The last thing we want is to add to your emotional and financial turmoil. We promise not to leave you under a mountain of legal debt. That's why we not only offer a free initial legal consultation to review the facts of your case, but we also work on a contingency fee basis. That means we do not get paid unless and until you do. You have no out of pocket legal expenses throughout the entirety of the proceedings. Our fee is a percentage of the financial reward you receive after the final settlement.

Why Choose Blake Bailey As Your Wrongful Death Attorney?

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